Writing an Argumentative Essay

Most people usually have harbor a misguided notion that writing an argumentative essay does not require any research because the essay is opinionated. It is important to understand that all arguments that are made in an essay should have an informed background.

The basis of writing an argumentative essay is to express an opinion based on existing facts. The terms that are usually used to communicate effectively when writing an argumentative essay include: “I believe that”, “In my humble opinion” and ‘it is my belief”.

A vital aspect that should also be deliberated when writing an argumentative essay is the target group. For example if you are writing an informative article about Genetically Modified Food and the target groups are individuals who have pursued undergraduate and postgraduate studies in agriculture, then the essay may contain a lot of complex words like genome, gene modification or gene addition.

If the target group is a farmer who lives in the countryside, then the language used should be simple in order for the facts to be passed across. Some principles of writing an essay also apply to writing an argumentative essay. For example, it is important to vary the sentence structure. When sentences are very long, then the envisioned message may not be communicated effectively.

When very short sentences are used throughout the essay, then the information becomes disjointed. In as much as writing an argumentative essay is based on factual data, it essential to appreciate that creativity has a role to play. If the essay is stale then readers will not be bothered to complete the article and all the energy consumed in coming up with the essay will be in vain.

Creativity does not mean exaggerating, misinterpreting or avoiding facts altogether. Employing the creativity tool means using an interesting choice of words and a line of thought that is captivating to the reader.

Factors to contemplate when writing a persuasive essay

Writing a persuasive essay is comparable to being a salesman. The essay must be alluring such that the reader is pushed to take action. The descriptive terms must be so vivid that the reader can visualize the message being passed across by the essay. If a salesman is boring, chances are he will make very few sales because he cannot capture the attention of the potential customers.

When writing a persuasive essay the focus is to evoke a reaction of the reader and it therefore important to focus on one or two issues that you want to put across in order for the message to be gotten.  After writing a persuasive essay, it is important to reread the essay and ask yourself, “Am I persuaded by the message that the essay is trying to put across?” If the essay does not arouse any reaction, then chances are that the readers will not be persuaded by the message in your essay.

Factors to consider writing a compare and contrast essay

There are different types of essays. It is significant to note that  essays share some common features while there are some features that are unique to the various kinds of essays.

For instance, when writing a compare and contrast essay, the essay must have two subjects that are being compared to each other. It is imperative to note that when most people are presented with these essays, they usually focus on either the parallels or the differences of the subjects under comparison, seldom do they consider both. Both the similarities and the differences must be analyzed and documented if you are writing a compare and contrast essay.

When writing a compare and contrast essay, it is important to organize the essay. All the comparative attributes need to be written together while all the attributes that postulate the differences need to be written together. Haphazard arrangement of ideas usually leads to poor delivery of the intended communication