Study Skills that Will Be Very Useful for School and University Students Alike

We all have different study skills and learning styles. Someone remembers poems by heart faster than others. Someone performs better written assignments then others. Someone is good with both, while someone can do not that great. The bottom line? All students are different with their proper study approaches, draw-backs and advantages.

Nevertheless, there are some study skills that are must-have for each and every student, if he or she wants to succeed in the world of education. Shall we name them?

First and foremost, it’s key to wield time-management on a higher-than-average level.Since we all know that time is the scarcest resource students have, every hour is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, forget about TV, Internet and music, when you study after classes. Focus and consistency are of paramount importance for a classman who wants to cope with all the tasks as soon as possible and still have some time to rest. In addition to, time-management is important while learning by heart and preparing for exams.

How to master time-management? The most proven method is to get a notepad and fetch a weekly/monthly schedule. It will train your consistency and sense of time. Plus a schedule will serve well, when you forget something and put into some cold storage till the eleventh hour.

Secondly, you have to think outside the box. Successful students know that results matter, but the way you reach them matters not (unless it’s illegal or unless anyone can prove it’s illegal). At Google startups they pay attention to those individuals who are box-clever finding non-trivial and fresh ways out. As a rule, at school or the university you’ll have several solutions to the equation or assignment, and going bold-headed will most surely take you more time and efforts to complete. Moreover, the hidden solution will most surely be much more elegant and simple by nature.

For example, you have five pages of Literature essay due till tomorrow. You totally forgot about the task and now have to be in a galactic hurry. Now which way out will you chose – throwing all your evening and night hours on the altar of fast writing and poor self-editing? Or will you choose hiring an expert writer to cope with your assignment instead? At Google they’ll surely choose the bypass variant, because it saves time and, moreover, brings a good grade.

And thirdly,you have to improve your study skills in the course of academic writing. The hard truth is, all these articles, reports, book reviews, term papers and researches are basically senseless for your future career and professional occupation, but somehow they constitute 60% of the grade in most of the courses. Therefore, if you want to have a spotless performance leading to graduation with flying colors, you have to sharpen your writing skills. What is the best way to do it?

Apart from reading instructions given in written tasks carefully, you should really start blogging. An interesting young mind as yourself definitely has something to say on the Web. So why not share your wisdom, experience and thoughts with the rest of the world? In addition to, you should study the essay writing handouts lecturers give out very attentively. Reading a book or two in copywriting will also pay off well. And finally, you should gather a database of resources where you can find necessary information about a certain topic to be researched quickly and then got down to writing as soon as possible. The thing is, the research might be too time-taking, if the topic is non-standard or has little background info on it. So have a good head on your shoulders and be prepared to shield off any assignment that intends to take away more time than you actually possess and plan to spend on the task.