Preparing for Tests: Time Management Aspect

Feeling that you have come to a dead-lock preparing for the exam? Even if the time is not on your side – don’t panic. Now that you have realized the damage, it’s time to take a deep breath and sketch the plan of your preparation. In fact, time pressure is great motivation to push the limits of your brainwork. So, if you need to learn a lot within a short time-frame, here are a couple of tips for you.

1. Estimate the time left. Having other responsibilities? Try to minimize them. Divide the number of hours into short periods. Each time-frame needs to be dedicated to a certain task. Take breaks so that you don’t feel too tired balancing between the assignments.

2. Create a calm and peaceful setting. Some relaxing music may put you in the right mood for hitting the books. If you feel that you are on the brink of panicking, take a deep breath and arrange your working space. Avoid possible distractions like TV orInternet. Bring everything you need for studying: your textbook, notebook, pencils and laptop.

3. Prior to studying something new, review what you have already known. Scan through your lecture notes and you will see that 75% of the topic is familiar to you. Study the guides, your notes and move on to scrutinizing the new material.

3. Develop a suitable strategy for learning a new material. Start from creating a list of topics you are unfamiliar with. Define which topics require more reading. Since this is the toughest task, devote to it as much time as possible, but don’t forget to take breaks, because it is hard to stay focused all along the process.

4. Write down the key points. In fact, writing the key information in a form of graphics and tables using different colors enhances your memory. This may actually come in handy when trying to recollect the material. Verbalize what you have learned about, so thatthe learnt material carves deeply.

5. Avoid staying up all night before the test. Even if you are a night owl, not having a decent sleep may cause a real flop. So have a nice eight-hour sleep to wake up fresh next morning. Make sure to arrive for an exam at least one hour before it starts.

While most students prefer to slack off up till the last minute, the smart way is to take a couple of days for preparation. But if you have to balance between family or job commitments, it is more useful to resort to professional writing services that can ensure best academic assistance, if you lack enough free time and energy.